[Internal-cg] Combined IETF/RIRs proposal

Subrenat, Jean-Jacques jjs at dyalog.net
Tue Jun 2 08:28:07 UTC 2015

I have the same concerns/questions as Manal, and support her suggestion for a consolidated version.

Conversely, presenting our ICG Plan as simply a stitching-up of 3 separate fabrics would, IMO,
- invalidate the original approach, which was to deliver a cogent plan upon which the USG could react and, hopefully, would allow it to implement the transition of oversight,
- be seen by the global Internet community as a minimalistic, over-cautious exercise, with little value added by ICG,
- in hindsight, diminish the relevance of ICG as a key element in the transition process.


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Many thanks for the initiative to advance our work .. Agree with the approach .. 

Yet I'm a bit confused as to our final deliverable: 

- Are we going to simply concatenate the 3 proposals in one document? Why then call each part " Combined Proposal: Part …" , or 

- Gathering the parts under the same title from the different proposals and grouping them into this combined version (which is my preference for and understanding of the consolidated version) .. I'm not suggesting any re-editing, I'm only suggesting grouping relevant parts under the same title to provide a full picture of what's being proposed under each title of the consolidated proposal .. 

Kind Regards 


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In preparation for eventually having a single complete proposal to put out for public comment, the chairs asked the secretariat to combine the IETF and RIR proposals into a single Word document (attached and on dropbox at < https://www.dropbox.com/home/CoordinationGroup/Evaluation/Incoming%20documents?preview=combined-proposal-v0.doc >). We’d like to get this off to the translators so they can start working on translating it, but we wanted to share it with the ICG first to make sure folks are okay with the formatting. The content is unchanged from the submission we received from the two communities. 

As we work toward a complete proposal we will likely need to add a preface, but that has not been written yet. 


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