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Martin Boyle Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk
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Thanks Alissa for kicking this train off and then for your overview here.

In line with what I think is Kavouss's underlying point, I am not sure that "preface" is the right word for what has been proposed - it is more of an executive summary.

As I read the list, it seemed to me that there are a couple of key things missing from the preface materials.  

As others, I agree that we need to focus on the proposal and provide a short outline of the different elements, specifically in how they address the key NTIA roles.  In particular, though, we should identify where the different proposals adopt different approaches and how the bits fit together in spite of the different approaches.  That surely is our main role, ensuring coherence of the whole, so any reader who has been following the story will be interested in this part.

I'm not sure I really see the need for the detail about what IANA is, but wouldn't oppose.  I'd see that that was more the introductory section of the text.

I agree with Milton that the development of the proposal is less important - for me I'd see it as annex material.

Some sort of assessment against NTIA's criteria is needed. We should also include some identification of timescales.

So the outline would look something like:

- High-level summary of the proposal
- Key elements of the role of NTIA and how the different proposals deal with those tasks.  This would include:
  - Where the proposals adopt different approaches
  - How those different approaches work together.
- Our assessment of how/why the proposal meets the NTIA criteria
- Timescales

I'd be happy to join in drafting - I note you think you have enough willing hands, but I see the absence of anyone from the customer side of the naming functions, so I might be able to fill a gap in the market!


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A few thoughts in response to various suggestions in this thread:

At this point I think we should focus on what preface material we need for the combined proposal that we will put out for public comment. We can edit, update, or replace it later before the proposal goes to NTIA. We should also keep in mind that we'll have space on our web site to provide instructions and ask specific questions of the public during the public comment period, so that kind of material need not go in the preface. I think the preface should focus on the proposal itself and any explanation required to understand it (which could include a brief explanation of IANA as Milton suggested). I think our charter likely has useful language in it that we can re-use but does not sufficiently introduce the proposal on its own.

If it seems premature to be developing the preface now, that's fine. We can wait until after ICANN 53.

I think we have plenty of volunteers to help with this (Milton, Lynn, Russ, Manal, Joe, and Jean-Jacques) - thank you.

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