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I agree focus should be on the time needed to implement the changes, but 
don't want to overstate our position either.  While I don't believe that 
ICANN can change our proposal, I also don't think we can compel them to 
accept it. We should never arrive at this point as they should have 
provided input to us and the communities along the way to avoid a last 
minute impasse.  Perhaps we can phrase it as time needed for 
implementation of the proposal after the Bard has finalized its review?


On 6/13/2015 12:06 PM, Drazek, Keith wrote:
> I share Milton's concerns.
> Regards,
> Keith Drazek
> On Jun 13, 2015, at 10:13 AM, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu 
> <mailto:mueller at syr.edu>> wrote:
>>     With regards to the path leading to implementation, the Board
>>     believes that it will be necessary for ICANN to follow its normal
>>     processes for dealing with reviews.  This will include the normal
>>     process for bylaws changes, where the proposed new text will be
>>     published for public comment before Board approval, and the
>>     normal process of taking public comment for important
>>     implementation options and details.
>>     MM: This seems a bit strange to me. As I understand it, we are
>>     talking about bylaw changes required to implement the finalized
>>     ICG proposal that has been approved by the NTIA. For ICANN to
>>     follow its “normal process for dealing with reviews” implies that
>>     ICANN itself is in control of _/making/_ the changes rather than
>>     _/implementing/_ the changes required by the proposal. Publishing
>>     the proposed text for public comment seems duplicative given that
>>     ICG will have already gone through a public comment process. It
>>     also would seem to provide an avenue for changing the proposal in
>>     response to comments made in its own process.
>>     So if I understand what is being proposed by ICANN here, I would
>>     view it as both duplicative and potentially destabilizing.
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