[Internal-cg] Combined proposal executive summary and public comment material

Jennifer Chung jen at icgsec.asia
Wed Jun 17 23:45:37 UTC 2015

Dear All,

Both documents are now on Dropbox and are available here:

Combined Transition Proposal v1:

Public Comment web page material:

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Hi all,

I've put together a skeleton of an executive summary for the combined
transition proposal. I put it into the combined proposal document so folks
can see it in context. Essentially all of the words in the executive summary
are directly copied from existing documents (NTIA announcement, ICANN site
about the creation of the ICG, our proposal finalization process), with some
minor modifications for style. Anything in angle brackets (< >) still needs
to be filled in. The summaries of the individual proposal components could
be filled in now. The other pieces can't be filled in until we do our
assessment of the proposal. This has been shared with the small drafting
team but I wanted to get it out to the whole group since we will discuss it
at least a bit tomorrow.

I've also started putting together an outline of the materials we may need
to have on our web site when we launch the public comment process on the
combined proposal. I've included that as well since we've had the recent
discussion on the mailing list and the last call about some of this content.
The attached version reflects some comments from the drafting team (Milton
in particular). In general I've tried to follow the approach Daniel
recommended: keep the executive summary in the proposal document itself
somewhat brief, and put the extra background material that public commenters
may need on the web site. I didn't actually draft the background section yet
though - volunteer(s) to draft that would be great. The web site document
also contains an initial list of questions to the public, drawn from our
proposal assessment process and the NTIA criteria. 

We'll have time for discussion of the direction of these at the F2F.
Secretariat: please add these documents to the Dropbox.


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