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Alissa and myself spent some time starting to write a response to the inquiry from Strickling. You can see the initial draft below. When discussing the content we did though detect a few things which we do believe can change the response. Let me take them in random order.

A. The question was related to when transition can happen, and that is not before a complete proposal has not only been submitted to NTIA, but also been implemented.

B. The longest timeframe we have got is 3-4 months, but on top of this is an unknown quantity of time needed for various steps in the US Government for evaluation and final transition. If the last (unknown) steps takes say 3-4 months as well, we talk about a 6-8 month timeframe.

C. The timeline of CCWG Accountability is to be discussed Friday (i.e. tomorrow). The timeline indications we have seen talk about June-July 2016, and one can ask whether any of the OC proposals can be claimed to be implemented before CCWG Accountability is done.

D. In reality, the question is not about detailed timeline, but rather in a broad view how long time is needed. And given the unknowns it is probably difficult to make estimations in shorter time units than 3 months, or maybe 6 month units.

Based on the above, that we have got responses that required implementation steps in the proposals from the operational communities can be done within 3-4 months, that the CCWG Accountability have a timeline that indicate June-July 2016 (which is further away in time) we draw the conclusion that the CCWG Accountability is what will set the timeline, and because of that ICG have two alternatives:

1. To state we do believe ICG proposal can be implemented in 3-4 months plus time it takes for US Government (which if that also takes 3-4 months lead to 6-8 month timeframe).

2. Given the data we have, that CCWG is driving the timeline, we coordinate with CCWG Accountability and even though one letter was sent to ICG Chairs and one to CCWG Chairs, we send in one response, which is built upon mainly the timeline CCWG Accountability will discuss tomorrow, and we use the data ICG have received as indications that ICG will be faster than CCWG regarding implementation.

When we stopped working today, Alissa and I where leaning towards alternative (2), although we (as you can see below) started writing on something according to alternative (1).

Please advice.

   Patrik & Alissa

Lawrence E. Strickling
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information
United States Department of Commerce
Washington, DC 20230
Dear Assistant Secretary Strickling:
Thank you for your letter concerning the IANA stewardship transition. As noted in your letter, there are multiple steps remaining before the transition will be complete: the finalization of the transition proposal, the U.S. Government’s evaluation of the proposal, and the implementation of the work items identified by the communities as prerequisites for the transition. This letter provides input about the first and last of these steps.
The ICG received and assessed the proposals from the number resources and protocol parameters communities earlier this year. We have just received the domain names proposal from the CWG. The finalization steps that remain include the ICG’s assessment of the domain names proposal, the ICG’s assessment of the combined proposal containing all three components, solicitation and analysis of public comments, and possibly further work in the operational communities depending on the results of the assessments and public comment analysis. These steps are detailed in the attached timeline. The ICG estimates that all of these steps could be concluded in time for the ICG to deliver the final proposal to the ICANN Board in the time frame of ICANN 54 in October.
The ICG considers the attached timeline to be optimistic. The timeline may be extended if additional time is needed for community work or public comment analysis, or if the ICG determines that an additional public comment period is necessary.
We inquired with the operational communities and the ICANN Board concerning implementation time frames. Links to their responses are included at the end of this letter. Taken together, the responses indicate that the longest implementation step that can be estimated at this time relates to the creation of the PTI, which may require 3-4 months. Many of the implementation steps across the three communities can take place in parallel and may be prepared before the transition is complete, while for other steps it is not possible to estimate the time necessary at present. Given these factors, we believe that at a minimum 3-4 months will be required to complete the transition after the proposal is approved by the U.S. government.
The IETF community has indicated that it is prepared to transition now. It is possible that as further details concerning Post-Transition IANA (PTI) become available, more IETF community work and agreement may be required.

The CRISP team and the RIRs indicated that the numbers community will be prepared to transition by September 30, 2015. Some elements described in the numbers community proposal, such as appointees to the Review Committee, may not be finalized by that time, but these are not considered prerequisites for the transition.

The CWG indicated that the work necessary to incorporate the PTI may require 3-4 months depending on complexity and need for multiple iterations of relevant documentation. The time needed to implement other aspects of the CWG proposal, including relevant ICANN bylaws changes, is uncertain. [Insert pointer to CCWG response to NTIA here?]

The ICANN Board's views concerning implementation time frames are consistent with these indications from the operational communities. The Board believes the IETF and RIR proposals could be implemented in a matter several of weeks, that the PTI implementation may take several months, and that the time required to implement the CCWG Accountability work items is uncertain.

Many of the implementation steps across the three communities can take place in parallel. However, all of the implementation steps impact the IANA department in some way, and will therefore require time and attention from the small IANA staff. It is though our estimate that this can be done in parallell with other activities, and will not take longer time than other activities.
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