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Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Fri Jun 19 00:50:54 UTC 2015

I like speaking points in the form of Q&A. Here is my first cut.


Speaking points

Based on actions and decisions:

A. Have you identified any issues with CWG Names proposal?

Yes, we are discussing IANA trademark issues, similar to what we did for the other OCs. One action from Thursday is for ICG Chairs to draft a question to go to the communities regarding the IANA trademark and domain name, send to the internal-cg mailing list and discuss and finalize during Day 2 of the Face-to-Face meeting.

B. Do you have all data you need to respond to the letter from NTIA?

No, we are still gathering data. For example, ICG Liaisons to CCWG-Accountability to go back to the CCWG Co-chairs to clarify when the bylaw changes will take place in the CCWG process, specifically when the actual text is to be produced, and bring this information back to the ICG.

C. When will you have sent the response to NTIA?

We are drafting and discussing the letter at the sessions ICG do have at the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires.

D. Have you started to evaluate the CWG Names proposal?

Yes, although we do not have the final proposal, we have a volunteer group that is working on individual assessment of the Names proposal.

E. Have you started to evaluate the three proposals?

No, we will not start doing that before we have all three proposals. We do though already have a volunteer group to complete individual assessment of the combined proposal already.

F. What will the public comment process look like?

ICG is still discussing the details, and we do have a volunteer group to look at formulating public comment questions to help the community steer responses in a common direction.

G. Have you started to write the common proposal yet?

No, but we are already discussing the outline and have a drafting team for the combined proposal preface/introduction/executive summary.

H. How are you coordinating with CCWG Accountability?

We have a volunteer group (including liaisons) to continue to flag issues in CCWG-Accountability that may impact ICG's assessment process. Volunteer group to look into how CCWG-Accountability's work may impact the CWG-IANA proposal and final combined proposal.

Other questions:

I. Will you be done by September 30 2015?

ICG is reviewing our timeline as part of working on a response to the letter from NTIA. Our current estimate is that more time is needed than between now and September 30.

J. If people do not like the proposals, can they object during the ICG public comment period?

No, ICG do have a very specific charter to look at for example overlap and conflicts between the proposals, whether the ICG response is complete etc.

K. Can transition happen for one of the OC's and not the others?

NTIA has stated they want a complete proposal before they evaluate the situation. That said, nothing stop things from happening in parallell, for example implementation of various things the operational communities have identified.

L. Is ICG satisfied with the CWG Names proposal?

ICG has not received the proposal yet, but is starting a pre-assessment. This has not finished yet. ICG like many others are looking forward to see what the chartering organizations are saying about the CWG Names work. They have time until June 25 to respond.

M. What about CCWG Accountability, and their timeline, is that acceptable for ICG?

ICG is during ICANN-53 communicating with CCWG Accountability, which just closed their first open comment period. ICG is waiting, like everyone else, on the CCWG Accoutability evaluation of the feedback.

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