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Many thanks Alissa ..
Allow me to also share the talking points I followed at the GAC early morning session today, when GAC ICG members were asked to give a concise brief on the ICG progress ..
Apologies for not being able to share this in advance of the session as it all took place last minute and for overlooking to mention the 'communication volunteer group' despite having it on my notes below !!
Worth noting that valuable additions have been contributed by Mr. Arasteh afterwards .. 
Kind Regards

*	The ICG's mandate is to assemble a combined proposal from the operational community proposals on IANA Transition, that satisfies NTIA criteria and enjoys broad community consensus 
*	The ICG issued an RFP outlining topics that should be addressed by the individual community proposals, namely the IETF, RIRs & the Names communities, 
*	The ICG has received proposals from the IETF (6th Jan) and the RIRs (15th Jan) and expects to receive the Names proposal after being signed off by the chartering organizations by the end of this week (on the 25th of June)
*	The ICG has already started evaluating the 2 proposals received; individually in terms openness and inclusiveness of the process as well as clarity and completeness of the proposal and how each one meets the NTIA criteria; 
*	The ICG has evaluated both proposals together, identified the IANA trademark and domain name to be an area of incompatibility, asked the RIR and IETF communities if their proposals can be made compatible, and received an affirmative response
*	The ICG is currently discussing IANA trademark and domain name issues with CWG and has sent a request to the CWG to get the incompatibilities between its draft text and the proposals of the other two communities reconciled (by July 2)
*	The ICG and the CCWG-Accountability each received an inquiry from NTIA regarding estimated timelines for proposal completion, including implementation and requesting a reply by end of June. In that respect:
o	The ICG is gathering input from the OCs about how much time they believe will need to complete developing their proposals and implementing aspects needed prior to NTIA contract expiration (by June 9 at 23:59 UTC)
o	The ICG, through its liaisons, has requested feedback from the CCWG-Accountability on timing and procedure for finalizing proposed bylaws changes as the CWG-IANA Transition has identified the need for a fundamental bylaw amendment in order to secure the PTI structure
*	At its meeting here in BA, the ICG has agreed to have a:
o	Volunteer group to complete individual assessment of the Names proposal by 7 July, in time for discussion on the ICG call on 8 July, 
o	Volunteer group to complete individual assessment of the combined proposal by 14 July, in time for discussion on the ICG call on 15 July, 
o	Volunteer group to look at formulating public comment questions and to draft some sort of preface/introduction/executive summary for the combined proposal (still under discussion within the ICG)
o	Volunteer group to continue to flag issues in CCWG-Accountability that may impact the CWG-IANA proposal, ICG's assessment process, and ultimately the final combined proposal.  Once the CCWG Workstream 1 output has been sent to SOs/ACs for approval, the ICG will seek confirmation from the CWG that the CCWG's work meets its requirements
o	Volunteer communications group to reach out to the community and keep them posted and involved throughout the rest of the process
*	Several conference calls has been scheduled immediately after BA meeting as well as a face to face meeting in September
*	Target is to put the final proposal for public comment prior to Dublin meeting and  finalize it there, where the ICG intends to submit the 3 OC proposals as received accompanied by an executive summary by the ICG  

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Sharing the slides we will use during the GNSO meeting.

Secretariat: please add these to the Dropbox.

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