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> On 26 Jun 2015, at 06:26, Daniel Karrenberg <daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net> wrote:
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> After more reflection I still do not support this.
> I understand the motivation of NTIA and the arguments in favour. They
> do not convince me that we should do extra work or add extra words:
> I remain convinced that all we need is a description of transition and
> the post-transition state plus a description of the process to develop
> this description. We should describe our own process and provide
> pointers to the public record of how the customer communities
> developed their responses to us. Their record already includes the
> principles they developed and discussions about alternatives. We can
> ask for *specific* clarification by the communities if we feel
> something is missing from their response to us or from the existing
> public record.
> Of course we should add our evaluation whether the process and the
> result meet the criteria set out at the beginning.
> There is no need for us to re-tell the story of how the proposals were
> developed. Re-telling the story is unnecessary work which also has a
> great risk of changing the story, even unintentionally. We should not
> expose ourselves to the risk of causing confusion or maybe even
> failure by re-interpreting the public record of the communities.
> Re-telling also creates more words. As you know I advocate the minimum
> number of words possible.
> We should not invent new requirements or criteria on the fly unless we
> have very strong consensus in the ICG that they are absolutely
> necessary for our deliverable and they were not foreseeable at the
> outset. Asking the communities at this point for the a description of
> the alternatives they considered is such a new requirement and I do
> not consider it necessary.
> Daniel
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