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Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Sun Jun 28 08:24:04 UTC 2015

Dear Jean-Jacques ..
I have sent my email  before reading your email ..
Apologies to have overlooked your concern ..
Kind Regards

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Dear Manal,
I could go along with the compromise suggested by you, insofar as it is about consolidating the public record.
Best regards,

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Dear All ..

I had to leave the meeting before concluding, so allow me to re-iterate the following suggestion in writing .. 

If we agree, in principle, on maintaining public record of the IANA transition process, then the ICG, through its chair(s), may reach out to the OCs with an email flagging ICG's intention to maintain public record that supports the IANA transition proposal, in accordance with Larry Strickling’s remarks at the "IANA Stewardship Transition & Evolution of ICANN Accountability" session on the Sunday of Buenos Aires ICANN meeting (file:///C:/Users/admin/Downloads/transcript-iana-stewardship-21jun15-en.pdf), where he stated:
<insert relevant excerpt(s) if necessary> And consequently ask the OCs to let the ICG know of any material their community believes would be useful to add to such record (for example: implications of the proposal, alternatives considered, reasons for excluding them, answers to anticipated questions, etc ... ) ..


Kind Regards

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> IF you considered other alternatives, WHY did you decide against them?

I am happy with this option.

On 26 Jun 2015, at 3:34, Wolf-Ulrich.Knoben at t-online.de wrote:
> I wonder whether we shouldn't question the communities, in case they 
> considered alternative models, 1. Which were the principles laid down 
> to guide them and 2. What was the decisive point for the option they 
> have chosen.

This sounds a *little* too prescriptive for me, in terms of the answer we are looking for.

Perhaps what Wolf-Unrich is asking for could be expressed as:

“IF you considered other alternatives, WHY and HOW did you decide against them?”

Which I’d be ok with as well.


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