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This I treat as a request from an ICG member for further explanation by other ICG members.


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> From: Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com>
> Date: 8 mars 2015 08:30:25 CET
> To: Patrik Fältström <paf at frobbit.se>,  Mohamed El Bashir <mbashir at mbash.net>, Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in>
> Subject: Information requested
> À Patrik, Mohamed, Alissa, WUKnoben, ICG
> Step 2 ,ICG Assessement of Cummunity proposals
> Dear Vice chair,
> May you please ask Jari and Alan Barret or Paul Wilson to provide the foloowings;
> A COMPARATIVE Table indicating the prcess of accountability currently in force and implemented and those which will be required after Transitiion.
> It would be useful to have that comparative Table enabling ICG Members to better undersatnd how the accountability of Protocol Parameter and Numbers are affected by Transition.
> The reports of these two communities are difficult to make such a comparision.
> Without that I will have serious difficulties to comment on the exacteness and appropriateness of the content of these two comminities on accountability before and after transition.
> By the way, Jari promised to provide a graphic Diagram regarding internal accountability being carried out by IETF
> mOREOVER, aLAN bARRET / Paul Wilson ,are respectfully requested to provide similar graphic Diagram about the accountability currently in force in RIRs ,in particular  that RIRs have a more decentralized process of five regional communities and the overall accountabilities of the entire  Rir s are not clear
> Rergards
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