[Internal-cg] Of interest: Vol. 2: Update on IANA Stewardship Discussions

Jennifer Chung jen at icgsec.asia
Thu Mar 19 02:05:44 UTC 2015

Dear ICG members,

ICANN is compiling bi-weekly updates on the community discussions and progress of the IANA Stewardship Transition and Enhancing ICANN Accountability Processes. This information is positioned to help inform interested stakeholders in the recent developments in the processes, upcoming key dates, latest documents and drafts and a snapshot of any news coverage that occurs over the timeframe.‬‬

You may find the full update at the link below:
Vol. 2: Update on IANA Stewardship Discussions- https://www.icann.org/news/blog/vol-2-update-on-iana-stewardship-discussions 

Best Regards,


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