[Internal-cg] IANA and IGF WS 163

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Many thanks Lynn for sharing, particularly that I have missed the first 15 minutes of the session ..
I have tried to make a remote comment through the chat room which I do not think was clear enough when it was read out .. Here it is in writing ..

"I think the overall process is very positive and educational .. It has, so far, demonstrated that the multistakeholder bottom-up model works and can deliver .. I would particularly applaud the transparency and de-centralization of the process as well as the smooth coordination among the different groups through their chairs, liaisons, members and participants ..  More generally, I believe the cross-community working groups serve as an efficient mechanism in exchanging and converging views of the various stakeholders and best utilizes the multi-stakeholder nature of the organization .. Finally, in terms of reaching out beyond ICANN community, I believe extensive efforts have been exerted in that sense, yet the pace of the process may have hindered getting more new faces to engage and participate actively .. But overall I believe it was a very positive experience .."

Kind Regards

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Dear ICG Colleagues,

this morning I sat on a panel at IGF 2015 (with other ICG and OC colleagues).  The panel was:  Multistakeholder Internet Governance - IANA Stewardship.  It was meant to focus on multi-stakholder process with the IANA Transition as an example (and not alot of focus on the proposal itself).

I gave a 10 minute introduction largely relying on ICG slides and ICG past presentations, and the updated Part 0.  That is attached below (minus the slides).


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