[Internal-cg] Response from IETF IANAPLAN WG regarding the ICG question on coordination

Jari Arkko jari.arkko at piuha.net
Thu Oct 8 07:13:07 UTC 2015

The IANAPLAN working group has discussed the coordination
question from the ICG. In the working group’s opinion,
informal coordination exists today and will continue, which
is consistent with the commitment requested by the ICG.

This is also consistent with an overall coordination commitment
already indicated in the IANAPLAN proposal. The proposal
is a consensus document of the IETF. From the proposal:

The IETF will continue to coordinate with ICANN, the RIRs, and other
parties that are mutually invested in the continued smooth operation
of the Internet registries.

The coordination approach is also consistent with the
comments that were sent by the IAB to the ICG during the
public comment period. See

Jari Arkko,
IETF Chair and the Area Director for the IANAPLAN WG
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