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> Date: October 8, 2015 at 9:58:28 AM PDT
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> The ICG has posed the following question to the protocol parameters
> community:
> "The three operational communities have a long history of cooperation
> as needed to help ensure the smooth functioning of the DNS and the
> Internet. A number of comments were concerned that the three IANA
> functions could end up being carried out by different operators and
> suggested that there was a need for some information exchange and
> coordination between the operational communities to ensure a proper
> understanding of the impact a change might have on the operation of
> the other functions (perhaps because of interdependencies between the
> functions or because of shared resources or key staff). This
> information exchange might also help in coordinating action in the
> case of remedying operational difficulties. For this to work, the
> three operational communities need to commit to coordinating and
> cooperating as necessary when changing operator, whether by leveraging
> existing coordination mechanisms or new ones.  Can the protocol
> parameters operational community provide such a commitment?"
> As noted in the IANAPLAN documents, elements of this work are already
> in place: "The IETF leadership, ICANN, and the RIRs maintain an
> ongoing informal dialog".  The IAB further notes that it has a
> chartered responsibility for maintaining technical liaison
> relationships "with other organizations concerned with standards and
> other technical and organizational issues relevant to the world-wide
> Internet."  ​The IAB believes that the information exchange described
> by the ICG falls within the IAB's ongoing commitment to serve as the
> point of coordination for the IETF, and the IAB remains committed to
> continuing such coordination.  Furthermore, the IAB believes that the
> dialogue would be extended to other organizations as circumstances
> require.

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