[Internal-cg] Use of ICG site for IANA IPR public comment

Russ Housley russ.housley at verizon.net
Sat Aug 6 14:20:54 UTC 2016

I agree.  The ICG site provides a neutral place to gather public comments.  I hope the ICG Secretariat can support this activity.


On 5 Aug 2016, at 21:16, Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Collectively, the OCs, ICANN, and the IETF Trust have been working on a set of contractual agreements to implement the requirement from the IANA stewardship transition proposal that the IANA-related IPR be held by an entity independent from the IANA functions operator. Those agreements are due to go out for public comment next Thursday, August 11. The group would like to know if we could use the ICG web site and secretariat services to host the call for public comment on these documents. Because these agreements impact all of the communities, and because ICANN and the IETF Trust are parties to the agreements themselves, we were looking for a “neutral” place to host the call for public comment and the ICG site seemed like a logical solution. This would not require any work or input from the ICG as a body, just some resources from the secretariat. The group working on the IPR agreements will sort out how to process and analyze the comments, and that too will not require any work from the ICG.
> Because time is short, we need to make a conclusion about where this call for public comment will be hosted by Monday, Aug 8. I realize this is very much a last-minute request and I apologize for that, but if anyone objects to using the ICG site and secretariat for this purpose, please say so on the list before 15:00 UTC on August 8.
> I have already been in touch with Jennifer about what would be required here and she is looking into the details with her team.
> Many thanks,
> Alissa
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