[Internal-cg] Transition of Oversight of the IANA Functions, letters.

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Thank you for sharing this with the group.

— Elise

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    Dear ICG Colleague,
    Like all those who have worked on the ICG, I am heartened that the US Administration has made known its positive assessment of the proposed Stewardship Transition.
    But there are indications from Washington that some members of the House of Representatives and the Senate question the value of implementing this Proposal. If any obstacle were to impede the expiry of the current IANA Functions contract on the agreed date, this would have a negative effect on the Stewardship Transition.
    This is to inform you that letters have been sent to the President of the United States of America, the Speaker and Leadership of the House of Representatives and their colleagues in the Senate, by some members of the Internet community, both in the United States and elsewhere: their names appear at the end of each of these letters. I am sending you a copy of the letter to the President (enclosed). 
    For obvious reasons, the signatories of these letters are individuals writing in a personal capacity. Inviting institutions, working groups or other bodies was considered as potentially counter-productive. I trust you will understand the decision not to invite ICG, ICANN Board, or any of the ICANN SOs and ACs to take part in drafting and sending these letters.
    I avail myself of this opportunity to say how much I appreciated working with you. 
    Best regards,

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