[Internal-cg] Transition of Oversight of the IANA Functions, letters.

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Wed Sep 14 02:04:29 UTC 2016

Although not invited to testify, we (IGP) have succeeded in getting the following statement inserted into the records of tomorrow's hearings:


Dr. Milton L. Mueller
Professor, School of Public Policy
Georgia Institute of Technology

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> Dear ICG Colleague,
> Like all those who have worked on the ICG, I am heartened that the US
> Administration has made known its positive assessment of the proposed
> Stewardship Transition.
> But there are indications from Washington that some members of the House
> of Representatives and the Senate question the value of implementing this
> Proposal. If any obstacle were to impede the expiry of the current IANA
> Functions contract on the agreed date, this would have a negative effect on
> the Stewardship Transition.
> This is to inform you that letters have been sent to the President of the United
> States of America, the Speaker and Leadership of the House of
> Representatives and their colleagues in the Senate, by some members of the
> Internet community, both in the United States and elsewhere: their names
> appear at the end of each of these letters. I am sending you a copy of the
> letter to the President (enclosed).
> For obvious reasons, the signatories of these letters are individuals writing in
> a personal capacity. Inviting institutions, working groups or other bodies was
> considered as potentially counter-productive. I trust you will understand the
> decision not to invite ICG, ICANN Board, or any of the ICANN SOs and ACs to
> take part in drafting and sending these letters.
> I avail myself of this opportunity to say how much I appreciated working with
> you.
> Best regards,
> Jean-Jacques.

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