[Question-icg] Ref: Kind Respond,

Eng. James A. zorle at ajou.ac.kr
Mon Nov 23 13:42:33 UTC 2015

Dear Sir,

Thanks so much for your kind respond,I am James Angelone From Michigan US. I worked as formal Financial Adviser to  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In 2010 I made $10,600, 000 USD (Ten Million & Six Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) out of the money he mapped out for war equipment's. I legally placed this funds in International bank , because of my illness and refugees predicament in Syria & world in general I cant continue working with Bashar al-Assad.  I want you  to receive this fund and use it to establish engineering company in the Asia continent.

The Bank is ready to transfer the fund  when I present beneficiary, If you can partner with me in this transaction, I will compensate you with 40% of the company's share, If there is any kind of agreement that you would like us to have, let me know so that I can start working on it, I would like this transaction to be concluded as quick as possible. I look forward to read from you again.

Thanks and best regards,
Mr. James Angelone

please reply me here ; 1109738304 at qq.com

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